About me

Hello! I'm a Front-end Developer with strong skills in software architecture, web development, e-commerce, SEO and web analytics. I began making websites in the early 2000's, continued on into e-commerce platforms around 2007, gained skills in C# .NET/back-end development and eventually landed in the wonderfully anarchistic and diverse world of JavaScript.

Customers have ranged from small business websites to large retail companies in various niches. Work has ranged from technical advice and requirement analysis to a pure developer role. I'm also an experienced teacher, having held programming courses at a vocational university level as well as coding workshops for teams of all sizes.

I enjoy sharing knowledge in the form of writing articles and holding workshops and seminars. Some of my previous articles on E-commerce (and Magento) can be found here.

If you've read this far, let's get in touch! Contact me on LinkedIn and/or follow me on twitter.